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Welcome to the Radio DAZE Podcast! A radio industry podcast where we share all the crazy and funny S*@t that has happens to us! If you’ve been in the Radio and Record Industry, you’ve got stories, and we all need to hear them!  Hosted by award-winning morning show personality Mark McCray!
“This podcast will have you smiling like there’s a coat-hanger in your mouth!”

S1E5  |  The NIGHTMARE Car Giveaway – Jay Stevens

January 26, 2022

Seasoned veteran broadcaster Jay Stevens shares a few stories from his decades of programming radio stations.  He shares a listener bus trip where the driver went rogue…a car giveaway that did not go as planned… and more!  Jay is a great storyteller and has a lot of fun sharing these stories with Radio Daze!

S1E4  |  The NAKED Truth, Clothing Optional Sales Women – Chris Wegmann

January 19, 2022

Veteran Radio Industry Executive Chris Wegmann shares a story about female account executives who bared it all and left nothing to the imagination.  He shares the “naked” truth in this story that is one for the books.

S1E3  |  Drunk Preachers & Plane Crashes – Smokey Rivers

January 14, 2022

Smokey Rivers is a wealth of programming knowledge and has been in countless markets including Seattle, NYC, Dallas, St Louis, San Francisco, Memphis and more!  He shares a relatable story about crazy station ownership, drunk radio hosts and how he witnessed a plane crash at an event.

S1E2  |  Try Not To Get Shot! – Tony Scott

January 12, 2022

Veteran broadcasters Tony Scott shares his radio journey and details a scary listener story.  One of the last things you want to have happen when you’re on the air and a listener enters the studio unexpectedly.

S1E1  |  The Bus From Hell – Mark McCray

January 9, 2022

In this pilot episode of the Radio Daze Podcast, you’re introduced to our host, Mark McCray, veteran broadcaster and programmer.  Mark kicks off this inaugural episode with a story of his own from his almost 30 years in radio.  A bus ride to a concert with listeners turns gross and ridiculous.

S1E0  |  Radio DAZE Podcast Intro

January 5, 2022

Welcome to the Radio DAZE Podcast!  A radio industry podcast where we share all the crazy and funny S*@T that has happened to us!  If you’ve been in the Radio and Record Industry, you’ve got stories and we all need to hear them.

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