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It all began at an early age for both Mark and me. Two guys with a love for RADIO!  That passion took us both on an incredible radio journey, starting as on-air announcers in small market radio; Mark in Carbondale, IL in 1992 and me in Erie, PA in 1979.  Each of our radio careers would take us “town-to-town and up-and-down the dial.” We forged a path through small, medium, large, and major market radio.  Marks’ journey through programming and mine in station management.

In 2011, I landed in Dallas, TX as the market’s V/P General Manager.  While in Dallas, I had the great fortune of hiring Mark as our V/P of Programming. Together, with our Dallas team, we built a great cluster that not only grew ratings, revenue, and profits, but also grew and bonded a great friendship between us.

a real radio network (810 x 520 px)

In early 2020, we were discussing programming and how we could help local broadcasters with the quality of their stations’ on-air sound and programming. We started researching the 24/7 syndication marketplace to see what was available. We realized quickly that there were only a few companies in the 24/7 radio format syndication space.  And, of those that were available, they had poorly programmed music formats, dated servers/equipment, antiquated delivery methods, a lack of local clock flexibility, and poor customer service.

We were singularly focused on providing the best programmed formats with advanced delivery options and superior customer service. A 24/7 syndication solution that was affordable, 100% flexible for localization, reliable, time saving, and offers easy set-up and operation.  A solution that can also be used as a stand-alone automation system, complete with voice-tracking capabilities, AI technology, and more.  We were looking for “A RADIO STATION IN A BOX.”  We found it!

Mark and I decided to form a partnership in May 2020, and Clear Media Network, LLC was born.  We found some of the best programmers and award-winning talent in the radio industry.  Programmers who were at the top of their game and specialized in our formats.  Next, we found a supplier with a revolutionary delivery solution that was technologically superior. Programming, talent, technology, and customer service that would not only let us compete, but a 24/7 syndication solution that would give us a significant edge over the competition and help our affiliates win in their local market.

On September 1, 2020, we went LIVE with three formats: Adult Contemporary, UAC, and Country. The very next day, on September 2nd, we signed our first two station affiliate partners, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR.

What began as just an idea to provide the BEST programming formats, has now cemented us firmly in the local radio format syndication space. Seeing our affiliate partners grow their stations’ audiences and grow in their local communities has been incredibly rewarding for Mark and me.  Today, we serve local radio broadcasters from the Oregon Coast to the South Carolina Coast, from the Buckeye State to the Lone Star State, from Washington State to Upstate New York, from Music City to the City of Roses, and everywhere in between.

Adult Contemporary, Hot A/C, Hot Country, True Classic Country, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Big Oldies, UAC, R&B, and Adult Hits are among the ten (10) 24/7 syndicated formats we have available today through Clear Media Network.

A REAL RADIO NETWORK, run by REAL RADIO PEOPLE!  On to the next chapter . . . .

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