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September 16, 2021

by Mark McCray

3 THINGS YOU MAY BE (unintentionally) Doing That Are Killing Your Radio Station

Not managing your music logs. Many programmers are busy programming multiple radio stations at once. If they are responsible for several radio stations, they typically will spend less time on music logs. Therefore, the station’s flow, rotations, and “feel” could be off. Even with amazing music scheduling software, it still needs the “human touch” and “ear” to make a good station GREAT!

Making time to coach your talent/voice trackers. Listen to the station and give feedback. Go back and listen to the recorded voice-tracks and offer suggestions. By doing this, you will find ways your talent can improve, show your staff you are listening, paying attention, and taking interest in their efforts.

Social Media. Bad posts, Ignoring or not posting on your social media. When looking at some social media sites I noticed unengaging posts, template content, or a long period of time since the last post. While looking at several radio stations on Instagram and FB sites, I noticed redirected articles from their website or a HUGE lapse since the last post. In one case the last post was promoting a morning show that has been gone for several months…YIKES! Social media can be a valuable promotional tool . . . be sure to use it!

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